The Best Way To Choose The Right Tree For Your Yard

Picking The Right Trees
There are so many different types of trees in the world, but how do you know which ones to choose for your yard? There’s a few different things to consider when looking for the right tree, most importantly the type of yard you have. Things like sunlight, and soil types can dictate whether or not a tree will do well. Oak trees are very stable in most environments, and can handle a little bit of flooding which makes them a great candidate for any yard.

What Kind of Yard Do You Have?
Consider your climate, if you have snowy winters. Take a look at the desired location and determine if the tree will be getting full sunlight, partial or total shade. You also need to consider your soil, does your yard flood when it rains? Alkaline in the soil also has an impact on what can grow. Once you’ve determined what kind of area you’re trying to grow in you can start looking at different types of trees.

Researching Trees
Before buying, it’s highly suggested that you do your research and pick the right tree that will survive the desired location. Pine trees do best in full sunlight, which means they will not do well if they are shaded. Pine trees also do better in drier dirt so they can handle the dryness that comes from full sunlight. Elm trees can still do well in partial sunlight, making them a candidate if your location gets shade at some point during the day. However elm trees prefer a wetter soil, and can lift concrete with it’s roots so keep these things in mind as well when choosing your location. In general you should be considering the size that the tree will reach, and how large of a space it has to grow or naturally it can cause damage.

Shady Wet Areas
There are few trees that do well in complete shade. You have a lot more options if the tree is getting some sun throughout the day. However there are still options for completely shaded areas as well. American Beech trees are an option for such a yard. Big-Leaf Maple trees are also a good candidate for shaded and moist areas. Weeping Willows are a popular selection as well.

Flowering Trees
Flowering trees in general are no exception to needing at least partial sunlight and moist ground to produce their flowers and look their greatest. However there are exceptions to this, the Flowering Dogwood tree is a beautiful candidate for shaded areas. Magnolia trees also thrive in dark moist areas.

Choosing the right trees that will thrive in your yard can be a bit challenging. However, now that you know all of the important factors, finding the perfect tree should be no problem at all! Be sure to check the water and soil to ensure your trees gets the proper nutrients as it grows. Keep in mind your location and sunlight, and your tree will grow to thrive in your yard!

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