Creative and Simple Ideas To Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

There are thousands of photos of gorgeous bathrooms with gleaming stone countertops, shiny fixtures, massive bathtubs, and elegant showers. Looking at these photos can leave you wishing for a complete bathroom renovation. But, if renovation isn’t a possibility there are many simple and creative ways you can make your bathroom more inviting.

Empty the Room
It is often helpful when ready to make a big change in a room to empty it completely. This way you can see the room through fresh eyes. An empty room allows you to see its possibilities.

Start With Color
One simple update you can make in your bathroom that can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of the room is paint. This is pushing the boundary of renovation but it is so impactful that it is worth the work.

Choosing a paint color can seem daunting with so many colors, sheens, and brands available. You can find tools online that will allow you try out virtual versions of paint colors in your actual room. Or, you can order an adhesive paint sample square in few colors that catch your eye. There are also rows and rows of paint cards available in home improvement stores that you can take home and hang on your wall. It is a good idea to see a few options in your actual bathroom. The light in a room changes throughout the day, so leave the colors up for a few days before deciding. Don’t buy a paint color without trying it out in some way in your room.

Linens Add Impact
Luxurious bath linens add warmth and texture to the “hardness” of a bathroom. They are a large part of bathroom decor. Adding a soft, plush set of new towels can make you want to relax in a comforting bath. When buying towels, touch is key. You must go buy them in the store. Seeing their colors and touching them in person is essential. Most hotels have all white linens to make laundering easier, so don’t be afraid to try all white towels for a fresh, crisp look. Or, a soft version of your favorite color could add a soothing touch to your bathroom decor.

Bathroom rugs are a great way to add your personality. You can choose a fluffy bathroom rug that snuggles your toes, or maybe you find a fun patterned rug. The trick with patterns is to keep it simple. If your tile or walls have a pattern, it may be best to keep your bathroom rugs more simple.

If your bathroom has space for a shower curtain, this can be another opportunity to invite your style in the room. There are countless shower curtains to choose from. Shower curtains also come in various sizes, the standard is 72 inches by 72 inches. But double check your space because if you have tall ceilings or a narrow space, another size may fit better.

Function and Style
With your bathroom empty, you should take a quick look at the function of the bathroom. Use a critical eye to really ask what isn’t working. Addressing these issues can make your bathroom a much more inviting space. Some ideas to add function to your bathroom are:

*Hang a new towel rod
*Replace rods with hooks (easier for kids to use)
*Buy a curved shower rod
Add a large full length mirror
*Purchase an accent table or hutch for storage
*Hang a shelf to hold extra toilet paper or towels

The last thing you can do to make your bathroom more inviting is add YOU to the decor. Hang a quote on the wall, get a fun clock that makes you smile, add some plants on a window ledge or hanging from the ceiling, or frame a special photo from a place you love. There are so many possibilities when changing your bathroom to a space you just can’t wait to spend time in.

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