5 Wall Mural Ideas To Make Your Room Pop

If you love your home but want to change up the style and atmosphere in one of the rooms then you should think of adding a mural to spice things up. You can do just one room or several of them in your home to make a significant visual impact. You can either add a wallpaper mural or use a mural wall painting idea to create a stunning and inviting space. Today we are going to take a look at five different mural ideas that you can add to your home for a unique and personalized touch.

Use Wall Murals To Create A Cool & Exciting Kids Room
If you have small children, then you know how important it is to entertain and educate their little minds. For example, you can teach your child the continents by putting up a cool map on their wall. The map can be colorful and fun. You can add animals or food stickers to show the item’s country of origin. This is great for any age and is the perfect away to teach your child that learning is fun.

Also, if your kid is into pretending to be a cartoon character, then why not make a fun landscape mural. It could be a cartoon forest or a cartoon city. Whatever you decide, it will bring color and style to your young one’s room. There are so many more wall mural ideas that you can come up with that your children will love.

Spice Up Your Home Gym with A Motivational Quote Wall Mural
Continue working out with an inspirational saying on your wall. It will motivate you to keep going and add a modern style to your gym.

Add A Realistic Wallpaper Mural
Adding realistic wallpaper images will give your living space a whole new dynamic. For example, if you like the look of a loft with exposed brick, then attach realistic brick wallpaper to one wall or an area in your apartment. It will add a perfect French or country style to your decorum. Also, you can pick a wood or stone wallpaper mural to make your home have a cabin feeling to it.

City Wall Murals
Choose your favorite City and make it into a mural. It will give your home a modern and trendy look. It will make you feel like you’re in a luxury high-rise looking out at your favorite landmarks in the city. Also, it makes a room feel open especially if the room does not have windows.

Use Street Art Wallpaper Murals
If you have an artsy flair to you or like modern graffiti street art, then why not added it to your home decorum. Including an edgy and urban street art mural, will add fieriness to your office, bedroom or living room.

Also, there are many graffiti mural wall paintings that you can choose. Choose a very colorful or dark tone style to match the decorum in your office.

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