10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Entryway

Entryways are the pinnacle room of any home. They not only show how the rest of the home is decorated but either provide a welcoming feel or not. If a home is in dire need of a makeover, starting with the entryway is always a good idea. Not only is it because it’s a small room, but you see it every day. Let’s look at some solutions on how to spruce up your home’s entryway.

Entryway Rug
The entryway rug is a simple solution in improving your entryway. Not only does it look good, but a beautiful hallway runner can please almost anyone by its elegance. Entryway rugs have been used in royalty for hundreds of years. It’s a simple solution but can be expensive.

Silk Flowers
Silk flowers are a great addition to your entryway. Flowers provide a peaceful state of mind. Having silk flowers in the entryway will provide you and your guest beauty and peace.

Side Table
A side table is a great way of adding a nice piece of furniture that is seen immediately. Not only that but it can add some usefulness to the home as well. Side tables can hold mail or other things that come in and go out frequently.

Bringing a small mirror in your entryway is also a nice subtle addition. Having a mirror means you can get the last glance of yourself before you head out, if you need that boost of confidence to tackle the day.

Having a wide-range of plants in your entryway can also add a peaceful and calming touch. Plants as Ferns and Pothos are easy to take care of and should live comfortably in your entryway.

Chalk Wall
Paintable chalk is a new trend. It is easy to understand why because it adds so much flavor to home improvement. You can write little notes for your loved ones to see before they leave.

Cork board
If you want the same advantages of a chalk wall, you can always get a cork board instead. This option is more affordable and you can pin notes and pictures to it to see when you enter and leave your home.

Display Pictures
This is probably the easiest solution. Displaying pictures in the entryway not only greets your guests but greets you as well.

Storage can easily make your entryway become cozier. Installing a cute cupboard for shoes or coat hooks is an inexpensive way to freshen up your entryway

Most entryways have lighting fixtures above the front door. A simple and easy solution to upgrade your entryway would to add new light bulbs or a new fixture. Warm lighting can easily bring calmness to one’s mind.

While there are many solutions to upgrading your entryway, these are some simple tips that might spark your creativity and will definitely spruce up the room. It’s always a great feeling stepping into a beautiful home. So don’t be afraid to make it yours, it’s usually the little things that make people happy.

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