How To Make Your Own Table Runner

Entertaining at home is such a charming way to spend time with family and friends. If your table might need some beautifying, attempt to make this DIY table runner! Built from only two materials, the hombre color scheme provides this creation a sophisticated and pulled-together vibe. The basic tutorial can be your little trick when your guests gasp at just how intricate this item looks when it’s set on a table.

Gather Your Items

As you gather your materials, try to make certain that the pieces of felt you use are 9″ x 12″which are the best dimension to cut strips of felt for this project. If you can’t find the colors you want at your neighborhood craft shop, search online for a much more thorough color combination of felt sheets.

Products you will need include:

  • 9″ x 12″ felt sheets in a range of shades
  • Adhesive sticks
  • Tools
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Glue weapon

Cut the Felt Strips

Start by cutting your felt strips. If you have access to a paper cutter with a measuring grid, this will be fast and very easy! Merely reduce each 9″ x 12″ sheet of felt into 12 strips that are each 9″ x 1″. If you do not have accessibility to a paper cutter, use a ruler and scissors or a rotary cutter to reduce the strips. You will end up with 12 strips of each color that you have. The general rule is that 12 strips make concerning one foot of table runner, so if you desire a 6-foot runner, you’ll require 6 sheets of felt material.

Lay Out Strips

Beginning with your initial color, lay 6 strips of this shade in an angled pattern. Then pick your other color and also lay 6 strips of that shade right beside the initial 6 strips.

Glue Strip Ends

Put a dot of adhesive on the top end of the very first strip.

Lay Cross Strips

Beginning laying your cross strips as you adhesive. The cross strips must link on top with the original strips, then cross over 2 strips, and also connect with all-time low of the following strip. You’ll intend to place a dot of glue at every top and also lower connection of two strips.

Glue Middle Cross Sections

When you have every one of your colors outlined and all of your cross strips glued on top as well as the bottom, go back with an adhesive weapon as well as place a dot of glue at the factors where the strips cross over in the mid-point of the jogger. This additional factor of attachment will certainly give the runner a little bit more stability and safety and security.

Trim Ends

When you are pleased with the size of your table runner and all of your adhesive points are safe and secure, trim the excess really felt off of either end of the table runner. You can cut however you like, developing a pattern, or simply removing any type of excess really felt tails from your jogger.

Lay It Out

Lay your runner out down the facility of your table as well as include a quite table setting to round off the look! This runner would be ideal in various shades for various holidays, special events, and even every day.

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