10 Great Shadow Box Inspirations

Whether you’re displaying photographs, art work, or special keepsakes, a shadow box can be an imaginative and stunning solution. Sometimes you can repurpose old picture frames into shadow boxes and update them with the season. Or, you can try constructing your very own frame from scrap wood and hardware. Regardless of the shapes and size of the box, it is an outstanding way to display your cherished valuables. Skim the list below for ideas on exactly how to get started creating your very own individual, special one.

1. Succulents

Why not integrate your walls with your plants for a trendy, fresh, shadow box? Gather a selection of succulents for this project, more varied leaf forms and colors provide deepness and visual appeal. Since succulents call for such little maintenance, you can even produce this craft with live plants, just hang on a warm wall surface and water every so often.

2. Block Hearts

For those who enjoy painting, buy a balsa wood design with a few colors, and add it into a deep framework for a wonderful piece of DIYed art. This craft is perfect for children since it’s straightforward to assemble, is doable in a day, and the shadow box displays your child’s painting beautifully.

3. Floral

Include a little life to your shelves with a collection of floral boxes. Silk and other fake flowers work best below, so head out to the craft store to pick your favorite blossoms.

4. Summer

Detachable vinyl decals make quick job of this task, although you can easily stencil on your own text as well. Add another layer of interest by putting a tchotchke or more items, like sand in between the shadow box’s colorful background and the lettered glass.

5. Rosette

This cute project lets you to quickly introduce a few beautiful colors right into a small space. Attempt folding your very own paper blossoms rather than purchasing them for a totally DIY craft.

6. Maps

Cut away an area of a classic map and integrate with a preferred quote and a couple of small mementos to memorialize a unique getaway or trip. Not sure where to get a paper map nowadays? Get an atlas from your regional second hand shop or pop by a gasoline station for a freebie while on the road.

7. Ocean

There’s nothing like imagining the coastline through your shadow box decoration, so bring a little the sand and sea by integrating it into a responsive item of art work. Actually, gather sand, shells, as well as images from the beach to create an entire wall of individual seascape shadow boxes.

8. Collages

Gather a few unique bits of paper right into one neatly prepared collection, then place into a painted wooden darkness box. Include a formed history for an attractive wall surface screen. They can include photos, concert tickets or other memorable items.

9. Paper Flowers

Fold up a thick garden of paper roses to display in a rustic box for a beautiful piece of self-made art. A set of single roses creates the perfect base for an appealing quote inscribed across the leading glass.

10. Baby’s Room

While your newborn’s image looks plenty cute mounted and hung on a wall surface by itself, put together a box with a number of photos, a name banner, a collection of baby footprints, and arm band for a physical remembrance of a truly unique birthday celebration.

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