6 Most Popular Types of Candles To Make

When it comes to making gorgeous candles for decoration your house or preparing a gift for someone, there are a lot of options. As well as the type of wicks and wax you can use, there are also many different types of candles to choose from. Let’s have a look at the 6 most popular candle types you can make:

Votive candles
It is one of those candle types that is able to create a cozy and charming effect. Votive candles should be placed in a container before use, so prepare a votive holder beforehand. It is pretty easy to make a votive candle. You will need only four basic things: wax, a pan for wax melting, wicks, and a candle mould. Melt the wax in a pan, dip the metal end of your wick, and secure it to the bottom of a candle mould. Wait for a couple minutes and then add the remaining melted wax to the mould.

Dipped candles
This type of candle will add a rustic note to your home design. Dipped candles are thin and long, and have a longer burn time. The process of making dipped candles is a little bit messy, and it requires you to act fast. First of all, melt your wax or paraffin. Take a longer piece of wick and quickly dip both ends into the melted wax. Pull it out and let the wax dry. Then repeat the process again until you are happy with the size. Once you are done, cut it in the middle to get two beautiful dipped candles.

Pillar candles
They are thicker than other types of candles and are usually used as centerpieces on tables as decoration. There are different sizes and shapes of pillar candles. The process of making them is quite easy, and no skills or special equipment are required. Melt the wax, drop the metal end of the wick in it, and then press into a candle mould. Pour the hot wax into the candle mould and let your candle to cool down. If the wax has sunk in the middle while cooling, top up your candle with more wax.

Rolled candles
Rolled candles are very unique due to their distinctive and original honeycomb pattern. The most common material used for making these candles is beeswax. The process of making rolled candles is a bit different: you don’t need to melt any wax and pour it into moulds. Instead, you will use wax sheets to build up a desirable size and width of the candle. Take a long piece of wick and wrap one wax sheet around it. Make sure you leave some space on the wick, so that you can light the candle after you are done with the process of making it. Continue adding more wax sheets until you get the desired size of the candle.

Container candles
This type of candle will integrate into almost any interior design concept because there are many different things you can use as a container for your candle. The process of making container candles is very easy and is similar to making votive candles. You melt the wax, dip your wick in it, place it in a container to secure, and then add the remaining melted wax on the top.

Floating candles
This candle type will create a cozy and very romantic atmosphere in your house, especially if used as a centerpiece or a decorative object in a bathroom. Here is how you make floating candles: place a wick into a floating mould, then melt the wax and pour it into the candle mould. When it is ready, let your candle to cool down

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